What Our Patients Say

Praise and Appreciation

Blossom Ridge Home Health & Hospice takes pride in hearing words of praise and appreciation from our patients, their family members and our staff.  We weould like to share their experiences with you.

If it weren’t for Blossom Ridge, I wouldn’t have the life that I have now. I am able to live independently with limited mobility, thanks to Blossom Ridge.

- Mike

I really mean the things I say about Blossom Ridge. Intelligent. Knowledgeable. Kind. Understanding. Kim [PT] inspired me – I’m up and about using a cane instead of a walker. Suzette [RN] was absolutely great. The whole experience was a 10. I would definitely recommend Blossom Ridge.

- Jerry P.

We are real pleased with Blossom Ridge Agency. They come on time and visit us 2 times a week. The clinicians are kind and compassionate and they work very well with my husband.
- Sarah D.
Wife of Patient

All of my residents are very happy with all of the clinicians.  They provide me with a complete follow-up after each visit.  I like being notified by the clinicians and the marketers if there are any changes.

- Priscila Q.
Administrator- Gentle Care Home, Lodi

Excellent customer service Caring, big heart, very informative, Jason has a very big heart and has gotten me to walk again. 

Michael N.

I loved the care. Blossom Ridge was wonderfull!! I would give them a A+!! and especially Josiah. He got me driving again!


Awesome care! Can not speak highly enough of the care and support given to us during our care. Lorinda was wonderful.

- Kathy M. 

It's only been 2 weeks since my father's been home from a care home.  Everybody's been great.  Van, the nurse,  is awesome! Everyone's personable and kind.  Since my father suffered a head injury he's a cranky old man but they put up with him.  As far as the office staff, they have been very accommodating when we were scared and confused.  I have no complaints so far, and it's been a pleasure working with everyone.

- Susan
Daughter of Patient

“Wayne and I want to let you know how very much we appreciate all you did for the both of us during his time at home. I will tell you if it had not been for your kindness and caring we would not have gotten through all we had to do.”

Wife of Patient

I appreciate you all because you're helping me.  I'm doing better and more focused and I appreciate the encouragement.

- Kathleen Jo C.
Resident - Ashely Place in Lodi

My experience with the nursing staff, they are kind, gentle, knowledgeable and very efficient.  They explained things to me, the "why" & "what" and educated me and answered all of my questions, and this is very important to me.  My physical therapist, Lorinda is very smart, kind and a professional and a good listener, and I really like her.

- Ethel R.
PT Patient in Sacramento

Lindsay's laughter and smile kept me going. She was my ray of sunshine and I love her dearly.

Alexander Q.

I am very happy with my grandma’s care. She has dementia and they all tried really hard to communicate with her so she was able to understand. They all showed great care and skill and the home health aide was very sweet. They gave me a window of arrival time and kept to it.  The therapist volunteered to come talk with her and that was the catalyst for her wanting to get better.  With other home health agencies, we’ve tried before, if we called to say that grandma’s catheter came out they made us take her to the ER.  I called [Blossom Ridge] and a nurse came out to fix it.

Grandson of Patient