An Appreciation of Blossom Ridge’s Hospice Service

January 28, 2019 Published by

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I was one who disliked everything about the term and title, Hospice. My experience with it told me it was a place where people die. It was a special location, lowly lit, and on the backside of some hospital or recovery place. Hospice meant the time had come for loving families to step aside and shift the dying to the hands of strangers. I would have nothing to do with it for my beloved wife, Freda.

Several of my relatives had experience with home care and Hospice and suggested I at least review what Hospice really had to offer. They had become concerned for my health since I was attending Freda’s needs in every way, 24/7, and had been doing so for several years. I was sometimes too exhausted to sleep and the calls for help throughout the nights were taking me down, too.

I invited a representative from Blossom Ridge Home Health to come and explain a Hospice plan, which I had never heard of. In short order, I agreed, and I added the requirement that I was in control and could change things for my beloved at any time. I didn’t know at that introductory meeting that Freda’s condition had worsened and she would die in a week.

The Blossom Ridge Home Health staff entered, arranged for new medicines, had home delivery set up, gave Freda a bath in bed, washed her hair, examined for possible bed-sores, and replaced her clothing. With each visit, Freda continued to be evaluated, treated, and when her breathing slowed, oxygen equipment was ordered, acquired, and made operable. I was examined with each visit, too, and given a high rating for the care I had given Freda for the past two years. On the day of her passing, the staff member explained that Blossom Ridge Home Health would create and process all the necessary paperwork, including notifying the funeral home.

The services of this marvelous organization were paid by Medicare and can be acquired through many private insurance companies.

An appreciation from Jack Morris, Loomis